Ergoline Beauty Angel

The ultimate total body skin rejuvenation and muscle toning system that synchronizes red light (non-UV) together with platform based vibration exercise technology.  Visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, refines pores, improves skin texture and helps minimize cellulite. iPod hook up.

Available at: Cliffside Park, Rutherford, Rochelle Park

Ergoline Sun Angel

Tan with confidence! This sunbed is sensor controlled to calculate a personalized tanning session that provides an appropriate dose of UV light, which virtually eliminates overexposure.  Features climate control plus aqua mist and aroma with an extra-wide multi relax base acrylic. iPod hook up. 90% Electronic Ballasting

Available at: Ridgefield, Rochelle Park

Ergoline Prestige 1400/1100

Extreme performance sunbed with 52 dynamic power, 200-watt UV lamps for a deep body tan and advanced high pressure facial and shoulder tanners.  Features climate control plus aqua mist and aroma to provide a refreshing experience. iPod hook up. 90% Electronic Ballasting

Available at: Cliffside Park, Hoboken (5th St. & 14th St.), West New York, Montvale, Rutherford, Rochelle Park

Ergoline Open Sun 1050

Ultra power sunbed featuring 360 degree high pressure units and superior glass reflector technology.  Features pure open-air tanning comfort with a fan cooling system and multi relax acrylic. iPod hook up.

Available at: Cliffside Park, Montvale, Ridgefield ,Rutherford, Rochelle Park, Hoboken (5th St.)


This UV Free system provides a natural looking, rich golden tan with innovative technology.  Select from a combination of solutions that will bronze and smooth your skin and customize your treatment for full body, just legs or just face.  Its open air design utilizes VersaSpa Skin Care anti-aging solutions and state-of-the-art comfort technologies to fortify, moisturize and rejuvenate.

Available at: All Salons

Ergoline Affinity 800

Ultra performance high pressure facial technology with 51 turbo power, 160-watt UV lamps for the body.  Features temptronic climate control, aqua mist and aroma for luxirous comfort.

Available at: Ridgefield, Rochelle Park

Ergoline Open Sun 550

Features the most powerful Ergoline high pressure units with Advanced Reflective Tanning at the upper part of the sunbed which is perfect for clients who dislike the “closed-in” feeling.  Combined with 45 Turbo Power lamps for the body and multi relax base acrylic.

Available at: West New York ,Rutherford ,Cliffside Park

Ergoline Sunrise/Big Apple Standup

Generously equipped with 48 turbo power 200-watt UV lamps featuring a quick maximum exposure schedule and ensures total body coverage for even the tallest tanners.  Keep comfortable with the Sunrise’s Silent Cooling ventilation system. iPod hook up.

Available at: Hoboken (5th St. & 14th St.), West New York, Cliffside Park, Montvale, Rochelle Park

Sun Dash Radius 252 Standup

Over 6 ½ feet of Pro Performance tanning power, equipped with 52 extra long tanning lamps ensuring full body coverage.  Open-air tanning environment for maximum comfort.

Available at: Hoboken ( Washington St), Cliffside Park, Montvale, Ridgefield,Rutherford,West New York, Rochelle Park